30 Billion Dollar Immigration System

30 Billion Dollar Immigration System - Atlanta Immigration Law Firm

According to a new study released, the nation’s complex immigration system of immigration laws
cost the economy over tens of billions of dollars per year.

Congress is currently preparing to overcome a significant hurdle in immigration.
The American Action Forum (AAF) argues that policymakers should consider
eliminating the list of regulations that are necessary to navigate the immigration

The AAF study demonstrated that 150 immigration related regulations across the
various cabinet agencies. According to AAF, “Individuals and businesses to spend
98.8 paperwork hours annually complying with those rules, and the cost of dealing
with the system totals $30 billion per year, according to researchers. The study was
first reported by The Wall Street Journal.”

With seven cabinet agencies administrating over 230 forms and imposing over
$30 billion in economic burdens on immigrants, the cost of neglecting regulatory
immigration reform is too high a risk.

Currently, there is a long list of existing regulatory cost. For example, the
Department of Homeland Security, which oversees immigration to the United States,
has 116 separate immigration forms which cost 81.1 million total hours to complete
and process.

But it isn’t just immigrants who are affected by the system. Every worker in the U.S.
is expected to file an I-9 form. In total employers and workers spent over 40 billion
hours filling out the forms during the past year.

“Although the report points out plenty of areas where regulations could be cut
within the immigration system, whether reform bills being drafted in Congress will
do so remains unclear. The framework put forth by a bipartisan group of senators
seeks to streamline the nation’s immigration system, which theoretically could
eliminate several regulations identified by the report.”