ACLU Asking Congress for Hearings on Immigration Orders

(ESPAÑOL) The ACLU and over 130 other organizations have stepped forth with their challenge. The American Civil Liberties Union, along with 130 other civil rights and religious organizations, has requested for Congress to hold oversight hearings on Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

The letter sent to the House and Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va. and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa respectively, specifically asked for congressional oversight on three executive orders: the new travel ban scheduled to go into effect Thursday and two other orders on border security and Interior Department enforcement, which the coalition declared were “ripe with civil rights violations and riddled with constitutional red flags.”

An aide working for Chairman Goodlatte stated that as part of the committee’s oversight responsibilities, the committee monitors the administration of the nation’s immigration laws and holds annual oversight hearings on the Department of Homeland Security, and the aide asserts that the oversight activities will continue during the Trump administration.

However, the aide also stated that Chairman Goodlatte supports President Trump’s executive orders to secure the border, enforce immigration laws and protect our nation, so we are still waiting to see how urgent the oversight hearings are in priority and what the result would be.

Joanne Lin, the ACLU’s senior legislative counsel, condemned the legislative order harshly, stating that Trump “unleashed his presidency with a series of executive orders on immigration that have devastated immigrant and refugee communities, provoked protests around the world and sparked several court battles. These orders are ripe with civil rights violations and riddled with constitutional red flags. The ACLU calls on Congress to conduct rigorous oversight over these executive orders.”

The letters themselves contain several complaints by the groups. The groups claim that if the committees fail to conduct oversight, they “will be giving free license to the Trump administration to pursue whatever policies it so chooses, even if those policies violate the Constitution, civil rights and civil liberties.”