Conservatives Threaten Immigration Reform

Conservatives Threaten Immigration Reform - The Shirazi Law Group, Inc

The provision that would legalize the status of over 11 million currently
undocumented immigrants has received tremendous backlash by conservative in
Washington. The backlash is being led by Republican conservatives who have taken
to right-wing radio talk shows to get across their disfavor for a path to citizenship.

On Thursday, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chairman of the House Judiciary
Committee and an opponent of a pathway to citizenship, served a notice that we
should expect a delay-and-dismemberment plan shortly. He also stated, that instead
of waiting on a comprehensive immigration reform to make its way through the
Senate or a similar plan to pass through the House, his committee should consider a
series of smaller of bills.

This approach would give Republican conservatives the opportunity to say they
were “for immigration reform before they were against it.”

According to the Washington Post, “ They may vote for bills that would tighten
border security, provide a steady source of migrant farm workers and expand a
program that companies may use to verify the immigration status of employees.
Then, decrying “amnesty,” they can shoot down measures that would extend legal
status and eventual citizenship to most of the undocumented.”

A number of polls demonstrate that a vast majority of Americans say they are in
favor of granting legal status to illegal immigrants, especially to those you have been
in the U.S. for over 10 years and are of significant value to the U.S economy.