Obama’s Executive Actions On Immigration On Track For 2016 Decision


Supreme Court today denied a request for extension filed by the State of Texas to file an opening brief, leading legal experts to believe that the court is planning take up the appeal filed by the federal government to consider the constitutionality of the Obama administration’s executive actions on immigration by the end of their term in June.

Granting an extension would preclude the case from consideration in the current term, delaying it instead until the next term begins in October of 2016.
The court offered no explanation for the decision, nor were any dissents filed.

The programs in question, DACA and DAPA, would allow undocumented minors access to work permits and deportation exemptions, and allow parents of U.S. citizen minors to get work permits within the United States after 5 years residency and background clearance, respectively.

Cristian Farias, Legal Affairs Reporter for Huffington Post, explained the importance of the decision, writing, “If the court agrees to hear the case following the conference, its rules would allow briefing to take place in February and March and oral arguments in April. A ruling would likely come down in June — several months before the presidential election.”