ICE Conducts Largest Worksite Raid Since 2008

Credit: industryview

(Español) Earlier this month, agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted its largest worksite raid in the United States since 2008. At the beginning of the workday, ICE agents raided the repair warehouse of CVE Technology Group in Allen, Texas in Collin County. There, they arrested 280 employees of CVE Technology Group accused of working in the United States illegally. CVE Technology Group is the third largest employer in Allen, Texas, specializing in technology repair who, until recently, counted Samsung as one of its largest contractors. The company drew the attention of ICE after an anonymous tip reported to a Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) official that the company was responsible of hiring people unauthorized to work in the United States. HSI conducts investigations when they receive word of improper hiring practices, such as irregular I-9 forms, which employers are to fill out and submit to the government when they hire a new employee. Through this method, HSI and officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ensure jobs go to citizens, legal residents, and others authorized to work in the US. DHS officials also cite the need to keep employers honest as a reason for these raids and the databases used to track employees. By doing so, according to DHS, they can fight against employers who take advantage of undocumented workers and potentially use their immigration status as a method to circumvent some labor laws and requirements. In terms of those who were caught up in the raid at CVE Technology Group, after their arrest, they were transported to a local ICE processing center where agents will conduct interviews to determine the status and potential relief for each detainee. In some situations, ICE agents will agree to release a detainee if they determine they have mitigating circumstances that would cause harm to a relative, such as if they are the sole income earner or a they care for a sick family member. In one instance, ICE agents released the 46-year-old mother of a 24-year-old US citizen because the mother has a pending petition through her daughter. Regardless of whether they are released, ICE has stated they will take up the biometric data of anyone arrested in the raid and submit their information to commence removal proceedings.