Immigration forum at Peruvian Consulate

The Shirazi Law Group, Inc was invited to an Immigration Law forum hosted by the Peruvian Consulate this past weekend. Attorney Amna Shirazi owner, founder and operator of the Shirazi Law Group. Inc presented along side the Honorable Consul General of Peru, Miguel Aleman.  The purpose of the event was to inform the community about ‪#‎DACA‬ and ‪#‎DAPA.  Many people attended and the group answered many community questions.

Atttorney Amna Shirazi discussed the current situation pertaining to #DACA and the future of persepective of #DAPA and answered questions from the people at the forum. After the forum, Attorney Shirazi gave free consultations for people seeking legal advice.

The Shirazi Law Group’s Community Relations Director, Sebastian Parra and Edward Mejia, one of Shirazi’s Immigration Paralegals,  were there as well helping those in attendance with their questions regarding immigration law.  The Shirazi Law Group actively participates with the Consulate General of Peru by providing Immigration legal assistance for all their monthly participants. We invite you to check out our web site to learn about our future appearances at the Consulate General of Peru and elsewhere around Atlanta.

You can check out our calendar for participation in future events at our web site and we invite you to follow us on twitter #Shirazilaw, our Facebook page, Shirazi Law Group, Inc. and google plus.

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