Important Information Regarding AILA

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AILA recently put out a public service announcement-warning individuals that
scammers are lying about immigration reform. The Shirazi Law Group, a top Atlanta
Immigration Law Firm, wants you to know the facts and what you can do to help your
community. We feel it’s important to help spread the word to those individuals
who do not fully understand what is happening with immigration reform. Being
informed will help to decrease the number of individuals who could become
victims of scam during this transitory period. A summary of the AILA public service
announcement is detailed in the following.

To begin, no new law or “nueva lay” regarding a legalization program or “amnesty”
has been implemented. What has not occurred is discussed below:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Unfortunately, this has not yet
occurred and there is no concrete information to let us know if it even will
happen. It comes down to a waiting game since it may be months before we
hear anything, good or bad. In addition, if a law is passed we have no way of
knowing whom it will help or what it will entail. If you have been told to put
down a deposit in anticipation of this law do not do so. Please feel free to call
the Atlanta Immigration Attorney’s at the Shirazi Law Group if you have any question pertaining to this matter.

What has occurred is discussed below:

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA):
Allows for some qualified individuals to apply for a work permit based on a
number of factors, such as, physical presence in the U.S. and age. If you have
been lead to believe that there are deadlines for filing for DACA or an official
processing deadline, these statements are false. There is no deadline for filing
for DACA and the Department of Homeland Security has provided no official
processing deadline. On average, applications are now taking close to six
months to process.

Provisional (Stateside) Waivers:
A regulation that will go into effect March 4, 2013, allows for a narrow group
of individuals who are immediate relatives (children, spouses, parents of
U.S. citizens) to apply for a provisional unlawful presence waiver while they
are waiting in the U.S. This is not a legalization program. If you believe that
you or a relative qualifies please feel free to contact the Shirazi Law Group,
we are ready and able to assist individuals across the nation with any and all
immigration issues.