Lindsey Graham Hints at Possible Government Shutdown over DACA Replacement


(ESPAÑOL) Sen. Lindsey Graham said Congress should attach to the year-end government funding bill a fix to replace DACA.

Graham was breaking from GOP leadership in both chambers of Congress, who in recent weeks have said any effort to fix DACA would come after and separately from a funding bill that will be needed by Dec. 8. Some Democrats and Republicans have suggested a dispute over the issue could lead to a government shutdown.

“Everybody believes we need more border security,” Graham said on CNN’s State of the Union. “Most people believe we need to go from chain migration, family-based immigration to merit-based immigration and most want to give the Dream Act kids a more certain life. Let’s do it in December for the good of the country and let’s take care of a lot of problems at one time to show the country we actually can function. I’m rather excited about the possibilities of legislating in December.”

Graham, asked if the government could shut down over the dispute, said “anything is possible” in Congress.

Graham, with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Il., has authored a bill, known as the Dream Act, that would offer legal status to individuals who received protection under DACA.

Trump has said he will rescind the program in March 2018, giving lawmakers time to create a legislative solution to help a class of individuals known to many as “Dreamers.”

Republicans have said any effort to help Dreamers would have to be matched to border security measures, and potentially reforms to the legal immigration system.

Durbin, who appeared on CNN Sunday with Graham, said he also supports including a DACA fix to the government funding bill in December, but he refused to say whether he would demand that if it risks a government shutdown.

Durbin said he would support attaching border security measures to a DACA fix, but he was less committal about including legal immigration provisions.

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