Mexico Foreign Minister Confirms Portions of Agreement with U.S.

Credit: gollykim

(Español) The Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, confirmed it agreed with the United States to reduce the number of migrants heading towards the U.S.’s southern border within 45 days in order to avoid the imposition of President Trump’s tariffs on Mexican products. The Foreign Minister’s initial plan is to send troop reinforcements to Mexico’s southern border. If the reinforcements do not work, the minister discussed “additional measures,” which could include a multinational solution with additional countries in the region. Although, the most likely outcome is Mexico processing U.S. asylum seekers on Mexican soil. President Trump tweeted about the supposed deal early Tuesday morning, saying there was a major portion that has yet to be revealed that is very beneficial to the U.S. and something “that would give the U.S. something it has been asking for for many years.” Despite this sign of confidence, the president still noted the measure will require a vote by Mexico’s legislative body and, if it does not pass, the tariffs will still go forward, with negotiators noting Mexico would be a safe third country for migrants to wait for their asylum applications to be processed. According to Minister Ebard, the U.S. has been insistent on those measures to avoid the tariffs. Additionally, the U.S. wanted Mexico to commit to “zero migrants” at the southern U.S. border, which the Mexico minister noted as a non-starter. To begin, Mexico will be sending 6,000 National Guard members to Mexico’s border with Guatemala. After 45 days, it will reevaluate how the measures are holding up to see if further international cooperation with neighboring countries will be necessary. Additionally, Mexico has agreed to expand a program to return asylum seekers in the U.S. to Mexico in order to await their asylum hearings.