Motel 6 Would Share Guest Information with ICE

Credit: Bill_Vorasate

(Español) At least two local Motel 6s in Arizona have been found to share guest lists with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Various instances have been brought forward by immigration attorneys in the Phoenix area noting how their clients were picked up at local Motel 6s when officers from ICE specifically showed up at their doors and asked for people specifically by name. This comes after, according to their attorneys, their clients checked into the motels using foreign identifications. After reaching out to a spokesperson for Motel 6, they confirmed the operation was happening on local levels with decisions made by local management. This was increasingly worrisome for not only immigration attorneys but also civil liberties advocates wondering what all information is being shared with law enforcement officials, not limited to ICE. According to the anonymous sources from within the local motels, they admit to informing law enforcement if a person has an active warrant for arrest. They would not comment on how they decide to specifically notify ICE in regards to specific clients. This could lead to a massive civil liability for the agency should it seem they are racially profiling individuals for enforcement. However, as a spokesperson for ICE has stated, these individuals are being apprehended based on general enforcement techniques when they receive information about a possible suspect. According to ICE, they are not allowed to comment on specific arrests or techniques used for apprehension, as it would jeopardize future enforcement measures. After the initial story broke in local papers, Motel 6 again commented on the existence of the specific program but has since indicated they will instruct all staff to no longer voluntarily cooperate with ICE officers. In order for any cooperation to be shared, a warrant must exist for the person’s arrest before any information is shared. Additionally, the company will be reviewing their policies in regards to the information released, so as to protect the privacy of their guests.