Shitfting The Focus On Border Security

us border

The belief regarding immigration reform proposals has been and continues to be,
the idea that until the border is “secure” any and all proposed programs related
to unauthorized immigrants will fail. This idea has been expanded on by the
Senate “Group of 8” whose belief lies in the creation of certain border security as
a prerequisite to forming a legalization program. Unfortunately, a vast number of
benchmarks from past proposals have already been implemented and have proven
to be ineffective.

The Shirazi Law Group, through years of experience in Immigration and Nationality
law, understands what true border security entails. In order for future immigration
reform proposals to be successful, there must be a change in focus. The focal point
of border security should not begin with unauthorized immigrants but rather on the
more pressing matter of criminal cartels, drug trafficking, and the illegal movements
of money, weapons and contraband through the border. A vital part of making our
border safer and reducing crime rates begins with promoting lawful entry and exit
into the United States.

In summary, true and effective border security begins with legalization. Where
legalization can be consistently effective, Congressional benchmarks are a constant