Ted Cruz Introduces Bill Providing the “Necessary Resources” to Enforce U.S. Immigration Laws


While still campaigning for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz, R-Texas has addressed the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws by introducing legislation concerning the funding of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

S. 2538, known as the “ICE Agent support Act of 2016”, was drafted with the help of Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama. The bill would allow the Enforcement and Removal Operations, a sector within the ICE, to grant fines and penalties for immigrants refusing to leave the U.S. after being ordered to do so.

According to Cruz, this bill would generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually which would presumably be reinvested into the ICE, due to ICE Director Sarah Saldaña’s comment on the overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants and the agency’s lack of adequate resources.

Since the bill has only recently been introduced, there is little information as to its actual content, but Cruz had this to say:

For far too long, the Obama administration has discouraged enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. President Obama has even personally threatened ‘consequences’ for the dedicated men and women who try to follow the law. This legislation sends a clear signal of support to the ICE agents who risk their lives on a daily basis to enforce our nation’s immigration laws. The next administration must support the people who protect us from illegal immigration and punish those who break our laws.