The Misunderstood Wants of Immigrants

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“Immigrants yearn to be Americans, not a permanent underclass.” This heading

recently showed up in a Huffington Post article, it represents immigrants desire to
come to the United States seeking freedom and a desire to belong.

The article stemmed from Jeb Bush’s latest book, Immigration Wars. In the book,
Jeb Bush argues that the 11 million undocumented immigrants living and working
in the United States should get legal residency, but should not be offered a path to

Jeb Bush has taken on a different stance on immigration than in the past, he writes,
“It is absolutely vital to the integrity of our immigration system that actions have
consequences.” “In this case, that those who violated the laws can remain, but
cannot obtain the cherished fruits of citizenship.”

What Jeb Bush fails to incorporate in Immigration Wars, is what legal residency
without citizenship would mean for America. What does creating a permanent
underclass of non-citizens say about this country?

This approach demonstrates a lack of progress in this nation and opens the door
for constitutional issues. The message, as put by Frank Sharry, says “you are good
enough to cook for us, clean for us and take care of our children, but you can never
become one of us — let alone vote or be seen as truly equal.” A gut wrenching
message that some leaders in Congress wish to send to individuals in other
countries, especially to Latino immigrants.

The Shirazi Law Group, a top immigration law firm, is composed of individuals
whose families have made significant sacrifices to come to the U.S. seeking the
opportunity to work hard and have it mean something. Our families have evolved
in thanks to the path of citizenship, removing that opportunity from generations to
come is detrimental to America.

The Shirazi Law Group understands the crossroads that families come to when
making the decision to come to the U.S. To find out what we can do help your family,
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