U.S. Citizen Detained at the Texas Border by U.S. Officials


Immigration officials at the Texas/Mexico border have a U.S. citizen detained, a Texas-born man, behind bars for almost one week over his citizenship concerns. The man now faces deportation, according to media reports.

Dr. Edgar Basaldua has been traveling back and forth from Texas to the Mexico border in Reynosa to his private practice for years now. This was his routine until Monday August 25.

Even though Basaldua possessed a social security, Texas drivers’ license and a U.S. passport along with a birth certificate, border officials detained him as he returned home from work. He was placed in the Port Isabel Detention Center where immigrants are held.

Basaldua mentioned that his experience detained in Port Isabel was traumatic and did not feel like a detention center, but more like a prison. He told the media that he was being detained until they had proof of him being born in the U.S. The problems arose when they realized that Basaldua obtained dual Mexican and American citizenship.

Basaldua’s attorney does not believe that the problem is necessarily because of the dual citizenship he obtains but that officials will allege that he is actually not a citizen of the United States.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement told the local news that they could not comment on the case, but offered that agents may be less concerned with people using fake documents, which are easy for them to spot and more concerned with people using real documents that belong to someone else.