Will The Senate Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

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Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D) of Illinois, seen here on Capitol Hill in Washington earlier this month, is a top immigration reform advocate in Congress.
Susan Walsh/AP

Since President Obama’s re-election, the Senate “gang of 8” released a draft of their principles on immigration reform.  President Obama also introduced to the nation his own idea on immigration reform. The President and the gang of 8 have gone back in forth releasing more and more details of their proposals.

Since before last year’s election, the momentum surrounding the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform has only increased despite there being no guarantee that reform will even happen.

The question of whether or not comprehensive immigration reform will happen begins with Congress. Will there be enough votes in Congress? More specifically, are there 60 filibuster-proof votes in the Senate and 218 votes in the House? To answers this question, we have to look at the history surrounding immigration politics in the U.S.  Looking at past immigration politics allows for knowledgeable predictions on how current members of Congress may vote and what the reform may or may not include.

There are a number of important factors to consider with the upcoming possibility of comprehensive immigration reform. First, many of the individuals and groups that are viewed as the key actors in this process, are still the same.  Second, although we have no way of predicting what may or may not be included there are some strong overlaps between the gang of 8, President Obama’s proposal, and the 2006/2007 CIR bills.  This isn’t to say that a future CIR bill would be a perfect reflection of previous reform efforts, we can however, use these as a platform to create a road map. Lastly, the last presidential election demonstrated that  immigrant communities are becoming increasingly invested and involved in their political rights.

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