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Arely Lara Sanchez

Arely Lara Sanchez

Legal Assistant

My name is Arely Lara Sanchez. I was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but I have lived in Dalton, GA, since I was two years old, and I consider this my home. I graduated from Dalton State College in 2021 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. I grew up watching my single immigrant mother work hard so that my sisters and I could have opportunities to thrive here in this country. As a former DACA recipient and now a legal resident, I understand the importance of doing my best to succeed and to honor my mother’s sacrifices and efforts. Through these experiences, I have gained a strong passion for immigration law and helping others who face the same struggles. I plan to continue my studies and eventually go to law school for immigration, so I am thankful to join Shirazi Immigration Law and gain valuable experience while helping my community at the same time. As someone who has seen firsthand how immigration policies have impacted individuals and families, I value this firm’s commitment to providing ethical representation and services for clients navigating the immigration system. I am eager to contribute to this firm and its team of dedicated individuals to impact others’ lives positively, as well as provide ethical and high-quality legal services.

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