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Ray Gills

Ray Gills

Marcelo Felix

Marcelo Felix

Testimonial from Garvish Immigration Law Group

Testimonial from Garvish Immigration Law Group
5 Stars

I highly recommend her firm for your all your immigration needs

I’ve known Amna for over 20 years and have observed her progression as a member of the bar. She goes out of her way to help her clients who have complex immigration matters. I highly recommend her firm for your all your immigration needs

Tunde Akinyele

5 Stars

she has an honest heart and a desire to do what is righ

Amna is an outstanding immigration lawyer, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with the legal immigration process. As a former US Army Officer, I was introduced to Amna while assisting Operation Helsingor in aiding several Afghan families who were trying to escape Afghanistan after the US withdrawal. Amna’s legal input, advice, and assistance related to this endeavor provided my team with much needed professional aid. Amna is not just another lawyer: she has an honest heart and a desire to do what is right and help those in need.

Warren Johnson

5 Stars

best immigration attorney

Amna Shirazi is the best immigration attorney that I know. I refer cases to her regularly. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Tommy Duck

5 Stars

knowledge and experience

I am grateful and very satisfied with the service that the lawyer Amna Shirazi and her team provided me. I know that my process was difficult but thanks to her knowledge and experience she was able to obtain my permanent residence for me. Thank you very much Ms. Amna for all your attention.

Claudia Echavarri

5 Stars

Without her help they would have been doomed

Amna was brought to TF Operation Helsingor attention just after the fall of Kabul. We had two families that we were trying to extract from Afghanistan. The situation looked futile. However, Amna used her vast experience and skills as an immigration lawyer to aid our group in extracting one of our families who are now living safely in the US. She continues to support our efforts in trying to extract our second family. Without her help they would have been doomed.

Seth Porter

5 Stars

Amna and her team were amazing and incredible!

Amna and her team were amazing and incredible! Every step of the way, they went above and beyond, and always tried their best to find a solution for our situation. They were kind, caring, empathetic, and above all else very knowledgeable in what to do. They were very responsive to questions, were always clear in what our options were, and never hesitated to put in the extra mile. Our case was a resounding success, and we wholeheartedly recommend this firm.

Carolina Ahn

5 Stars

I am so grateful for their exceptional service

I cannot recommend Amna and her team highly enough. They were an absolute lifesaver in my I-751 waiver case, and I couldn't be more impressed with their work. From the moment I contacted them, they were extremely responsive and helpful. I still remember within the first 20 minutes of our meeting, Amna understood the whole case and recommended solutions. She took the time to explain the legal process to me and answer any questions I had, which made me feel much more confident and secure in my case. Throughout the entire process, Amna and her team demonstrated an unwavering commitment to my case. They helped me to gather all the necessary documentation and evidence, and they were always available to answer any questions or concerns that came up along the way. One of the tough things for me was to write my own personal affidavit. But with guidance, I knew exactly what I had to write, including every minor detail. Due to COVID, there were some delays from USCIS, but Amna and her team were always in communication regarding my case status. Thanks to their hard work and commitment, I was able to successfully obtain permanent residency in the United States without even appearing for an interview. For I-751 waiver cases, most cases require an interview. However, thanks to Amna and her team's attention to detail, my interview was waived. I am so grateful for their exceptional service, and I would highly recommend Shirazi Law Firm to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer. If you're looking for someone who is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to getting you the best possible outcome, Amna and her team is the perfect choice.

Gagandeep Saluja

5 Stars

Amna Shirazi worked magic

I'm an attorney in Atlanta, and had a non-citizen client detained by Customs upon re-entering the United States from personal travel abroad, based on his earlier criminal conviction. It was a desperate scenario for my client and his family, who reside here; the client's been in the United States since his youth. Amna Shirazi worked magic to get him released, based on listening, her legal and factual research, and her personal efforts with ICE Officials. She is known to the federal government authorities, and they consider her credible. Ms. Shirazi's understanding of the immigration detention system, and her reputation and professional relationship with ICE authorities made a difference; they listened to her presentation on behalf of her client, and were appropriately persuaded by it.

Tom Bever

5 Stars

We are very pleased with Attorney Shirazi and her team

We are very pleased with Attorney Shirazi and her team. Attorney Shirazi was so quick with the case of my brother-in-law who was detained by ICE and with deportation. When other lawyers said that my brother-in-law had no case to follow, the lawyer Shirazi did everything possible to help him... and in just days his case was approved and he was released from being detained for a month. The Vargas Pérez family recommends attorney Shirazi for your immigration cases.

Karina Perez

5 Stars

always respond to my questions

Shirazi law is great firm always respond to my questions always resolve ur issues. Ms Shirazi, kindly give me good advice on my case! I definitely recommend her to my friends.

Mario Charles

5 Stars

Very excellent team loved working with this law firm!

Very excellent team loved working with this law firm ! Definitely would recommend to friends and family !!! Mrs.Belkis was so kind and always there to answer any questions we had, she was very kind and worked very hard with us to get us to where we are now !!! A special thanks to Ms.Amna Shirazi for her hard work as well and fighting for our case thanks to her and all her team we have an approved VISA!!! Yayyy !!! So if any one you know is looking for a good imagration lawyer this is the one to choose !!!!

Nicole Betancourt

5 Stars

The Shirazi Immigration Law Team and Amna Shirazi, are wonderful to say the least!

The Shirazi Immigration Law Team and Amna Shirazi, are wonderful to say the least! Even when they had my Husband literally about to be deported, she and her team were able to stop and redirect flights so I would be able to go and pick him up the next day! I would & will definitely be recommending them to all that are needing an Immigration attorney!!

Pola Vasquez

5 Stars

Amazing Immigration Attorney

Amna Shirazi is an amazing immigration attorney who I chose for the case for my brother by looking at reviews online. The case was almost impossible to win but with excellent representation and hard work and empathy, she made the impossible possible. I was amazed with her professionalism and services every step of the difficult and emotional process. If you are in a difficult situation regarding immigration, I would highly recommend her.

Deema P.

5 Stars

Very Professional and Knowledgeable

I have known Attorney Shirazi since 2016, very professional and knowledgeable. Ms. Belkis Rivas (paralegal) was very helpful and accommodating, she was very prompt at getting answers to questions. Highly recommended to anyone needing legal services.

Girlie A.

5 Stars

Second to None

The Shirazi Law Firm is the best legal practice I’ve ever experienced. The level of professionalism received is second to none. Attorney Shirazi is very experienced and above all point-blank honest. You can tell from the first moment you meet her just how much she cares about your case by the way she pays attention to you while you’re explaining your situation.

Kara S.

5 Stars

Highly Recommend

As an attorney in the area, I would highly recommend Ms. Shirazi to anyone needing Immigration legal help. She is well versed in the law and has a tireless work ethic.

Lucia Z.