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Savannah Immigration Lawyer

Emigrating to the United States is a dream for millions. But the U.S., like all countries, strictly limits who can enter the country and for what purpose. If you do not have a valid visa, you will be turned away at a port of entry, and without a green card you cannot live and work in the U.S. permanently. Indeed, the U.S. deports hundreds of thousands of people each year for immigration violations.

Our Savannah immigration lawyer at Shirazi Immigration Law is dedicated to helping clients sponsor foreign nationals or assist those at risk of deportation. Please contact our firm today to schedule a time to meet.

Immigration Services We Offer

Shirazi Law is a full-service immigration firm with key focus on:

  • Family immigration. We help citizens and green card holders bring a spouse, child, fiancée, or sibling to the United States.
  • Deportation defense. If you receive a Notice to Appear, we can build a defense to show why deportation is inappropriate.
  • Consular cases & waivers. We advise clients on consular processing and seek waivers which allow clients to seek citizenship or avoid deportation.
  • Refugee & asylum. The U.S. extends a sheltering hand to those suffering from credible threats of violence back home.
  • Non-immigrant visas. Millions of people visit the United States temporarily to sightsee, visit friends, attend school, and work.
  • Citizenship & naturalization. Becoming a citizen is a complicated process which we can guide you through.
  • Bureau of Immigration Appeals & federal court litigation. We help clients appeal an adverse decision by an immigration judge or agency to a higher court or administrative panel.
  • Temporary Protected Status. The U.S. suspends deportation of those foreign nations whose home country has suffered political upheaval or natural disasters.
  • Crime victims. The U.S. has set visas aside for those trafficked into the United States or those subject to sexual or domestic violence.
  • Employment-based immigration. Foreign nationals need permission to work in the dynamic U.S. economy, and we can help both employers or employees.

The Shirazi Immigration Law Difference

Our firm’s core values guide everything we do. Our compassionate legal team listens to clients’ fears and needs and develops a game plan that helps them accomplish their objectives. We provide only confidential legal representation and will not report anyone to the authorities for seeking legal help.

Our knowledgeable staff stays abreast of changes in immigration law, including recent decisions issued by federal courts and the Bureau of Immigration Appeals. We use our legal knowledge to present the most compelling case possible on behalf of our clients.

Our commitment to problem-solving saves clients time and money by identifying the proper solutions to immigration problems. We can often anticipate hurdles up ahead and guide our clients safely around them.

Because of our attention to detail, we leave no stone unturned as we build a compelling case for our clients. The more evidence in support of our position, the more likely we are to obtain a favorable result in court or before an agency.

Contact a Savannah Immigration Attorney Today

Shirazi Immigration Law is committed to representing the Savannah immigrant community in their dealings with federal authorities. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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