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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Savannah Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer

Savannah Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer

Immigrants make easy targets for criminals, many of whom believe that immigrants will be too fearful to report crimes to the police or possibly be unable to communicate with authorities due to language differences. Sadly, many criminals are right in their estimation—their victims remain silent out of fear.

Immigrants who are crime victims have certain rights—even if they are undocumented. At Shirazi Immigration Law, we appreciate the fears many members of the immigrant community are feeling. For that reason, we offer consultations for anyone in need of legal services which are completely confidential. By meeting with a Savannah crime victims immigration lawyer, you will better understand your rights and develop a plan for moving forward.

Crime Victim Protections

There are two visas available for those who have been victimized by human trafficking or other crimes. If successful, you can then seek a green card to permanently live and work in the United States. You might also be able to bring certain family members over to the U.S. to live with you.

T Visas

If you were trafficked into the U.S., you can seek a T visa. You were trafficked if you were tricked, forced, kidnapped, or recruited to come to the U.S. when you otherwise wouldn’t have made the journey. Many people are lied to by traffickers and told they have legitimate jobs waiting for them in the U.S., only to discover once they arrive that they will be forced into sex work, slavery, or other servitude.

To be eligible for a T visa, most crime victims must provide help to authorities investigating the trafficking. Similarly, anyone requesting a T visa must not be otherwise inadmissible and must show they would suffer “extreme hardship” if deported.

U Visas

This visa is available for those trafficked into the United States but also for someone who suffers rape, kidnapping, abduction, torture, or similar crimes. As with a T visa, applicants should be willing to work with investigators looking into the crime and must show substantial physical or emotional harm to avoid deportation.

Protections for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is unfortunately commonplace in the United States and around the world. Overwhelmingly, women are victimized by romantic partners either physically, sexually, or emotionally. Once in the United States, many women do not report domestic violence out of fear of their partners, but also due to language barriers and social isolation.

The federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allows battered women to seek a green card and live in the United States permanently. Normally, anyone seeking a green card must be sponsored by a spouse or relative, but domestic violence makes that unrealistic. Under VAWA, you can self-petition without anyone in your family knowing.

We Represent Immigrant Crime Victims in Savannah

Sexual and intimate partner violence take their toll on a victim’s wellbeing. Immigration law, however, allows victims in many cases to seek a visa to stay in the United States. For help with this process, contact Shirazi Immigration Law today to schedule a meeting with a compassionate attorney.

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