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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Savannah Deportation Defense Lawyer

Savannah Deportation Defense Lawyer

Being deported from the United States is a frightful experience. Many people do not fully understand the reasons why, and there might be language barriers which prevent an immigrant from fully protecting their rights.

Fortunately, a successful deportation defense is possible with the right attorney. Please contact Shirazi Immigration Law today to speak with our Savannah deportation defense lawyer about your case.

What Are Grounds for Removal?

Anyone in the United States other than citizens can be removed—including those with lawful permanent residence status. The government, however, needs grounds to remove someone, which can include:

  • You were inadmissible when you entered or adjusted your status
  • You failed to maintain your status
  • You committed marriage fraud
  • You have been convicted of certain crimes, such as theft, violent crimes, drug crimes, and those involving moral turpitude
  • Your conditional residence status has been cancelled
  • You falsified immigration documents or falsely claimed to be a U.S. citizen
  • You engage in terrorism or other security- or political-related violations

Can You Obtain Relief from Removal?

Yes. However, this relief is discretionary, so you will need to make a compelling argument. Our clients have sought various forms of relief, such as cancellation, asylum, adjustment of status, or voluntary departure. Our Savannah immigration attorney can review which options work best for you. For example, with voluntary departure, you might be eligible later to come to the United States again.

Can Your Law Firm Help with Removal Hearings?

Yes. We typically hear from clients after the government starts removal proceedings and sends them a Notice to Appear. You are entitled to a removal hearing before a judge, unless you are subject to expedited removal.

At any hearing, the government will present evidence to show deportation is justified. Our clients can also present evidence on their behalf, including witness testimony. The proceedings are somewhat like a trial, though they are civil (not criminal) proceedings. Any immigrant has the right to an attorney’s representation.

At Shirazi Immigration Law, we can identify which evidence is most helpful and ensure your rights are protected. If the immigration judge decides against you, then multiple rounds of appeals are possible.

Will You Be Jailed as You Await Your Hearing?

It’s possible. The government can arrest foreign nationals and keep them detained until their case is resolved. However, we have sought bond or parole for many clients which will allow them to remain out on their own as they await a hearing:

  • Most people are eligible for bond unless they have certain criminal convictions. A foreign national needs to deposit money to secure their release after convincing a judge they are not a flight risk or a risk to others.
  • If you are not eligible for bond, you might receive parole instead. The Department of Homeland Security will grant parole only after analyzing your local ties, prior criminal history, employment, and length of time in the United States. Parole is not guaranteed, so hiring a skilled attorney to make your case is to your benefit.

Let Us Help with Savannah Deportation Defense Cases

Amna Shirazi has decades of experience helping immigrants fight to stay in the country. If you have received a Notice to Appear, or if you fear that you will receive one soon, please contact her firm to discuss your legal options.

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