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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Dalton Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer

Dalton Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer

Because those in the immigrant community are some of the most vulnerable members of society, undocumented immigrants, visa holders, legal permanent residents, asylum seekers, Dreamers, and even naturalized U.S. citizens are routinely targeted by criminals. Whether English is the victim’s second language, they do not understand the law, do not know how to report the crime, or they are fearful of retaliation or deportation, immigrant victims often do not speak up. It is easy to feel powerless, and voiceless, after being taken advantage of or harmed by someone, particularly if you were not born in the U.S. and are unfamiliar with state and federal laws. Tragically, hate crimes, which have increased dramatically since 2016,  are causing immigrants to remain silent, according to the Center for Public Integrity, and decide not to seek help. But an attorney can help, even if you are not documented. The Dalton crime victims immigration lawyers at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. will help give you a voice.

There are Legal Protections Available for Victims of Human Trafficking—T and U Visas

There are two types of visas that may apply to you if you are a victim of human trafficking, and both T visas and U visas can be a step toward a Green Card.

T Visas—People who were brought to the U.S. via human trafficking are eligible for T visas. Human trafficking means that you were brought to the country through abduction, coercion, trickery, or force, and you would not be in the U.S. otherwise. Or, you believed that you were coming to the U.S. legitimately, but were forced into prostitution, sexual exploitation, pornography, slavery, forced labor, or another form of involuntary servitude. Cooperating with law enforcement is usually required in order to get a T visa.

U Visas—U visas are for victims of  human trafficking, as well as victims of rape, torture, abduction, or kidnapping. Unlike a T visa, victims hoping to obtain U visas do not have to cooperate with law enforcement investigating the crimes that took place. But, cooperation with law enforcement may help your chances of securing a U visa. Additionally, in order to qualify for a U visa you must be able to prove substantial physical or mental arm in order to avoid deportation.

Protections for Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence

Immigrant women are particularly easy targets for domestic abusers, who use social isolation to keep their victims from seeking help or escaping their dire situation. There are a few ways that an attorney can help you seek lawful permanent residence while also putting an end to the abuse. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) can be used for a Green Card and lawful permanent residence application when the victim would have otherwise had to rely on the abusive spouse or parent (who is a U.S. citizen or resident) who was sponsoring them. A U visa is another option to escape domestic violence and remain in the country.

Contact the Dalton Crime Victims Immigration Lawyers

You do not have to suffer alone any more. Reach out to the Dalton crime victims immigration lawyers at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. for help. Call us today at 404-523-3611 to schedule a consultation.

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