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Gainesville Deportation Defense Lawyer

Don’t panic if someone threatens to get you deported.  Removal, also known as deportation, is a legal process that takes place through the civil courts, and you have legal rights in this process, just as you do not need to be a United States citizen to exercise your rights if your spouse files for divorce in the U.S. or if someone files a lawsuit against you because of a business dispute.  You have the right to hire a deportation defense lawyer to represent you in your removal proceedings, so that you can continue to reside in the U.S. as planned.  If you are worried about a threat of deportation, or if you have received a notice from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about removal proceedings, contact the Gainesville deportation defense lawyers at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc.

Can You Get Deported If You Have a Green Card?

Unless you are a United States citizen, it is possible for the DHS to initiate removal proceedings to deport you from the U.S.  Even lawful permanent residents (green card holders) can be subject to deportation.  The following are reasons that removal proceedings can begin:

  • Your nonimmigrant visa has expired
  • You committed marriage fraud when you married a U.S. citizen in order to get a green card
  • You were convicted of a serious crime

Not everyone who gets a green card after their U.S. citizen spouse sponsors their application for it will get deported if the marriage ends in divorce.  You are more likely to keep your green card if it was a long-term marriage or if the marriage ended because your spouse abused you physically or financially.  Every case is unique, and the court will give you a chance to tell your side of the story.

Likewise, not every criminal conviction against a non-citizen automatically launches removal proceedings.  Only the most serious crimes, such as murder, rape, drug trafficking, and money laundering are grounds for deportation. If you are a permanent resident or are residing in the U.S. on a nonimmigrant visa and are accused of a crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer and a deportation defense lawyer.

Does DHS Detain You During Your Deportation Case?

DHS can detain you during the removal proceedings, but in most cases, you can be free, either by posting bond or getting out on parole, while your case is pending.  The judge is more likely to let you be free during the pendency of your case if you have a job or a family in the United States.

Can You Appeal a Deportation Decision?

Even if the court decides to deport you, you have the right to appeal the decision by filing an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).  You have the right to have a deportation defense lawyer represent you during the appeal.

Deportation Defense Lawyers in Gainesville, Georgia

Contact Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. at our offices in Atlanta, Georgia to represent you in your removal case, so you can remain in the United States.

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