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Monica Ferrer

Monica Ferrer

Senior Administrative Assistant

I am originally from Chile and immigrated to the United States for professional and economic opportunities and entered the US and obtained my residency in every proper way and followed all the laws. In Chile I worked in the Banking/ Stock Market and Hospitality Markets after attending Law School at the Universidad de Concepción from 1980-1984. 

Once I arrived in the United States, I fulfilled many professional roles in multiple industries, from the ground-up – until finally I finally found my calling in Immigration Law.  In 2005 I became a legal assistant at another law firm in Atlanta who did some immigration law and I learned a lot during those 11 years. I proudly applied my skills and time especially to the Hispanic Community during the time I was in learning mode.

In 2016 I joined Shirazi Immigration Law as a Senior Legal Assistant – with the opportunity to observe and learn from  Amna as well as her firm’s passion for human rights and best practices in Immigration Law. The team at Shirazi Immigration Law is like a family and I love working here. 

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