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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Moultrie BIA & Federal Court Litigation Lawyer

Moultrie BIA & Federal Court Litigation Lawyer

Those who have had their immigration applications denied can file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. works closely with our clients to ensure the best outcome of their hearing. Our Moultrie BIA & federal court litigation lawyers have successfully helped those who have had their applications denied file appeals with the BIA and had the decision overturned. In this article, we’ll discuss the BIA, appeals, and how they work.

What does the BIA do?

The BIA is an appellate court made up of immigration judges. If your immigration application has been denied, you can file an appeal with the BIA and they will hear the case again. If your immigration status is impacted by a negative decision, our attorneys can help you appeal the decision with the BIA and have them reconsider the ruling. Issues that the BIA handles include all of the following:

  • Deportation hearings and orders for removal
  • Deportation relief hearings
  • Status classifications of immigrants
  • Denial of naturalization and citizenship
  • Delay of citizenship
  • Bond hearings
  • Motions to reconsider
  • Motions to reopen

Federal court litigation and petitions to review

In some cases, you may be able to file a petition with the federal courts to reconsider an order. However, you must act quickly as the filing requirements are strict and you won’t get a second chance. That is largely because the federal courts are the venue of last resort in these cases. They handle matters such as:

  • Challenging a final order for removal
  • Challenge an ICE removal order
  • Appeal a denial of reconsideration
  • Appeal a denial of asylum

Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) advocacy

The AAO reviews USCIS decisions to ensure they are in line with the prevailing law and policy of the nation. AAO reviews include matters such as:

  • IRCA proceedings
  • EB-2 and EB-3 petition denials
  • Nonimmigrant visa denials
  • Citizenship and naturalization denials
  • Applications for Temporary Protected Status

AAO actions have strict deadlines. Missing a deadline means missing your opportunity to appeal the ruling. Our attorneys can oversee your case and ensure you are making the correct decisions and providing the correct information.

Contact a Lawyer to Fight Deportation

Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. represents the interests of U.S. immigrants in all immigration matters. If you are fighting an order for removal, deportation, adjustment of status, or a citizenship denial, you have options. Our attorneys can appeal the decision with the relevant governing body, ensure your points are taken into consideration, and tirelessly advocate on your behalf. Call our office today and we can begin preparing your case immediately.

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