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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Moultrie Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer

Moultrie Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer

Crimes against immigrants are some of the worst of all. Children and women from foreign countries are trafficked into the United States for the sex trade. While these victims are here illegally, the U.S. recognizes that they have been the victim of a terrible crime and the U.S. government does not want to add to their suffering, but rather end it.

In other cases, immigrants are targeted because the perpetrators know that they have no place to turn, are unfamiliar with U.S. law, and don’t necessarily speak a lot of English.

While turning to law enforcement may be a serious risk, conversations between yourself and an attorney are protected. That means that your attorney cannot divulge anything you tell them to authorities. In these cases, it is often easier to have a lawyer help you handle the matter. Being the victim of a crime gives you specific rights under the law.

Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. will act as your trusted advisor in these matters. We can not only help you navigate the U.S. courts, but your status as a crime victim may entitle you to expedited green card status. In this article, we’ll discuss how our Moultrie crime victims immigration lawyers can help.

Immigration protections for victims of human trafficking and other crimes

Congress has created two different categories of visas for those who have been the victims of human trafficking or other related crimes. These visas provide a pathway to getting a U.S. green card which would allow you to live and work in the United States indefinitely. Further, it will be easier for you to bring family members over to America once you have green card status.

  • T-visas – T-visas are specifically for those who were brought into the country through human trafficking. Individuals who were forced, abducted, tricked, or defrauded into coming to America. These individuals are generally forced into labor such as prostitution, pornography, slavery, forced labor, debt bondage, or involuntary servitude. Law enforcement will generally want you to participate in the investigation into human trafficking, but exemptions from this requirement apply in the cases of minors or extreme abuse. They must also establish that deportation would cause “extreme harm”.
  • U-visas – U-visas are available to individuals who have been the victims of human trafficking or other crimes such as rape, torture, or kidnapping. Those applying for a U-visa will need to cooperate with authorities during their investigation into your crime. U-visa holders will need to show substantial physical or mental abuse to avoid removal.

Obviously, not every victim of a crime is going to want to stay in the U.S. But those who have nothing to return to can get visas and apply for a green card.

Immigration protections for domestic violence victims

In cases where an immigrant is being sponsored by an abusive spouse or parent, they may be able to file their own application independently of their abuser. Protections under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allow those who are the victims of domestic violence to escape the control of an abusive sponsor. Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. offers confidential representation and can help you through the process of securing housing, filing your petition for a green card, and moving yourself out of harm’s way.

Immediate Help for Immigrant Crime Victims

If you are the victim of a human trafficking crime or domestic violence, contact Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. before you go to the police. We will help you get situated, link you with protective services, and then begin the process of petitioning the U.S. government to change your immigration status. This will ensure you have a different visa that is not based on the sponsorship of your abuser. Call today to send us an email and we can begin discussing your next moves immediately.

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