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Moultrie Non-Immigrant Visa Lawyer

Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can assist you in securing a non-immigrant visa. Immigrant visas are for those who intend to stay in the United States on a permanent basis. Non-immigrant visas are given to those who intend to stay in the United States temporarily. These visas are ideal for tourists, college students, and temporary workers.

Our Moultrie non-immigrant visa lawyers can help you secure a non-immigrant visa. In this article, we’ll discuss the process and considerations for those applying for non-immigrant visas in the United States.

Student Visas (F-1 Student Visa)

There are two kinds of student visas offered to foreign nationals to come study here in the U.S. For university students, an F-1 visa will be appropriate. For vocational students, an M-1 visa is what you’re looking for. Those attempting to secure these visas must apply to their school of choice first and be accepted. The school must be authorized by USCIS, but most are, and the ones that aren’t you may not want to apply to anyway.

For those coming to the U.S. to study who have spouses or children under the age of 21, F-2 visas can be given to them so that they can stay with you while you are in the U.S. One last consideration: the U.S. will expect that you have the money to support yourself while you are here, take care of your basic needs, pay for housing, and any other expenses you may have.

Visitor Visas (visa waiver program)

Visitor visas authorize foreign nationals to stay in the U.S. for a specific period of time. These include business visas and vacation visas. In some cases, you may be able to travel to the U.S. without obtaining a visa.

The visa waiver program (VWP) offers an easy way to authorization to travel in the U.S. without a “real” visa. Only visitors from certain countries qualify for a VWP. The waiver is only valid for 90 days or less in the United States. Conditions apply. VWP applicants must:

  • Have a machine-readable passport from a participating country
  • Have a round-trip ticket with a carrier that is licensed to participate in the VWP
  • Agree to waive any right to contest removal after 90 days

Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc., can help you navigate the visa waiver program.

B-1 Business Visas

B-1 visas allow businesspersons from around the world to come to the U.S. and promote their business here. It’s the perfect visa for coming to the U.S. to promote a business venture. Athletes, musicians, and executives all visit the U.S. under B-1 visas. To secure a B-1 visa, you must be able to prove:

  • What business you’re going to do in the U.S.
  • How long you’ll need to be in the U.S. to conduct this business
  • You intend to return to your home country once your business is conducted

B-1 visas allow for up to a 1-year stay in the U.S.

B-2 Tourist Visas

These are the perfect visas for tourists. These visas include activities such as tourism, visits to friends or relatives, rest and relaxation, medical procedures, and social activities. B-2 applicants will be asked to explain:

  • Their purpose for coming to the U.S.
  • When they will leave the U.S.
  • Whether they have enough money to pay for their stay in the U.S.
  • Whether hey are permanent residents of the country they wish to return to

B-2 visas have a maximum 1-year expiration date.

J-1 Education Visas

These visas are for educational or cultural exchange programs. Applicants are foreign exchange students, trainees involved in on-the-job training, visiting scholars, visiting researchers, and others. While many J-1 visas will permit an individual to work, those issued under student exchange programs do not.

J-1 visa holders must establish that their stay in the U.S. will be temporary and when they plan on returning home. They must be able to prove that they will have sufficient money to pay for their expenses. The J-1 program that they apply for must be officially recognized by USCIS.

Spouse Visas

V visas have been discontinued as of 2000. Some petitions are still moving their way through the immigration courts. When those are finished, there will be no more V visas issued.

K visas are issued to spouses of U.S. citizens and their unmarried children under the age of 21. K visa holders must apply for immigrant visas within 2 years of the issuance of their visa. They can work while they are awaiting the adjustment of their status.

Q-1 Cultural Exchange Visas

Q-1 visas are established through sponsorship. The sponsor must be willing to pay the prevailing rate of a similar American employee in the same position. Q-1 visa holders must be able to share information about their history or culture in the United States under a Q-1 sponsorship. The sponsor and applicant will need to establish that the Q-1 holder:

  • Is qualified to discuss the history, culture, customs, practices, or values of their home country as an expert and intends to make the program available to the U.S. public

The sponsor must be able to establish that:

  • They have a dedicated employee who can act as a liaison between USCIS and the sponsor’s company
  • Can provide a working environment similar to a domestic employee
  • Can compensate the Q-1 visa holder at the prevailing rate for the industry

Talk to a Moultrie, Georgia Non-Immigrant Visa Lawyer

Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc., is on standby to take any calls or questions you may have concerning non-immigrant visas to the U.S. Call today and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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