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Moultrie Refugee & Asylum Lawyer

American civil rights laws extend beyond our shores to other areas of the world where people are persecuted based on their religion, race, creed, ethnicity, political opinion, or membership within a specific social group. Those who either have suffered persecution or are likely to suffer persecution may apply for expedited refugee or asylum status.

Those petitioning the U.S. for asylum will need to fill out a Form I-589. The Moultrie refugee & asylum lawyers at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc., can help you fill out the form and oversee your case as it works its way through U.S. immigration courts.

Understanding Asylum

Those who are in danger in their home countries can find asylum in the U.S. But to do so, you must navigate the country’s complex immigration laws. Generally, those who are oppressed by a ruling majority are most likely to find asylum in the United States. They may be targeted for speaking out against a corrupt government or because they are a racial or ethnic minority, face persecution in their home county. The applicant must be able to prove that there is a credible fear of death or torture if they return to their country. They must also provide evidence of past persecution.

Two Types of Asylum Applications

There are two types of asylum applications, called affirmative and defensive. An affirmative application is submitted within one year of entry into the United States. Defensive applications involve deportation orders after an immigrant has been apprehended. Those facing deportation may thus be able to prevent the deportation if they can prove that being released back into their own country would result in their likely death, persecution, or torture.

It can be difficult to apply for asylum. For one, those with criminal convictions in their home country may not be authorized to immigrate to the U.S. Those who make controversial opinions may also find that their opinions are controversial in the U.S. as well. For obvious reasons, presenting an affirmative asylum case is better than presenting a defensive one. However, less than a third of affirmative applications are approved and once you apply, the government will likely issue an immediate deportation order.

The attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law can ensure that you are prepared for the hearing and give you the best chance at remaining in the United States legally.

Refugees Versus Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers are the name given to those who reside in the U.S. extra-legally. We use extra-legally because the process of applying for asylum means that their status has yet to be determined. It can be difficult for those who reside in the U.S. illegally to apply for asylum status.

Refugees are those who do not live in the United States (and usually not their home country either) but cannot go back to their home country for fear of prosecution. Refugees can apply for permission to enter the U.S. through the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).

If your application is accepted, you will have one year to apply for a green card in the United States.

Get Helping Applying for Refugee or Asylum Status in the U.S.

Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. helps foreign nationals attain asylum or refugee status in the United States. We will work with you throughout the entire process and guide you through your interactions with the U.S. government agencies, courts, and help with forms and other matters. If you are an asylum seeker, your conversations with us are confidential. If you are seeking refugee status, we can help guide you through the process. Call today for more information!

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