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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Moultrie Temporary Protected Status Lawyer

Moultrie Temporary Protected Status Lawyer

Temporary Protected Status or TPS is granted by the U.S. to individuals from countries that cannot guarantee their safety. These countries may have political unrest or a recent natural disaster. TPS status is granted to citizens of a specific country during a time of social or political unrest. If the U.S. has granted TPS status to citizens of your home country, our Moultrie temporary protected status lawyers at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can help you navigate the U.S. immigration system, file for protected status, and then make arrangements to become a lawful permanent resident if that’s what you want.

TPS Eligibility

The U.S. must designate your country eligible for TPS protections. Those who apply for TPS status must file while the country is designated for TPS protection. They must remain in the U.S. continuously and meet specific filing requirements. Some may be excluded from eligibility on the following grounds:

  • They have committed one felony or two misdemeanors while residing in the U.S.
  • They are subject to a mandatory bar of asylum
  • They failed to register for TPS without good cause

Countries that are currently eligible for TPS protections

There are currently a handful of countries that have been given TPS designations. This list changes and more countries are added each year while others lose their TPS designation. For a complete and updated list of the countries that qualify under TPS, please click here.

Didn’t President Trump end TPS for specific countries?

He did, but lawsuits filed in New York and California have prevented the order from proceeding. As of now, the matter is moving through the New York and California courts and will not be settled until those courts have issued a ruling. As of now, the DHS motion to end TPS status for certain counties has been stalled until a ruling is made. That means that individuals from these counties can still file TPS petitions and they will be processed. While the court vacated an injunction prohibiting DHS from terminating TPS status for certain countries, the court issued no order making the ruling effective.

TPS Scams

It is important to understand that there are a lot of bad actors out there who are willing to take advantage of vulnerable people. Unless you have a certified U.S. immigration attorney managing your case, it is possible to be scammed by these bad actors. They will promise to file TPS forms for you with the relevant authorities for a fee, but they never do. Attorneys do much more than file forms, and filing forms is a service you can provide yourself. Further, if they are taking your money and providing legal advice, they are breaking the law. Only lawyers may offer these services in the United States.

Talk to a Moultrie, GA Temporary Protected Status Attorney Today

If you are looking to apply for Temporary Protected Status, call the immigration lawyers at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. today and we can begin discussing your next steps immediately.

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