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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Santos Urquiza Rueda

Santos Urquiza Rueda

Santos Urquiza Rueda

Litigation Paralegal

My name is Santos, an Argentinian attorney from Pergamino in the Buenos Aires Province. With a fervent dedication to legal excellence and a genuine passion for problem-solving, I stand ready to assist you in navigating the intricate landscape of the law.

Raised amidst the rich cultural tapestry of Buenos Aires, I bring to the table a unique blend of legal expertise and a sincere eagerness to aid clients in overcoming their legal hurdles. For me, each case represents not just a professional challenge but an opportunity for continuous learning and growth.

In my journey through the legal realm, I have garnered diverse experiences that have shaped me into the legal practitioner I am today:

As a legal advisor at the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, I delved deep into the intricacies of governmental regulations, honing my skills in safeguarding the interests of my clients. During my tenure as the Director of Information and Electoral Training at the National Electoral Directorate, I spearheaded initiatives aimed at educating the public about their electoral rights, underscoring my commitment to fostering civic engagement and participation.

While my legal journey in Argentina spans various domains, I decided to focus on the challenge of working in Immigration Law issues in the USA. I am steadfastly committed to guiding individuals and families through the labyrinth of immigration processes, ensuring a seamless transition to their new beginnings. I’ve found a true powerhouse in the Shirazi Immigration Law firm: here, striving for excellence is a given and clients are treated at the highest level of professionalism and commitment to get the best possible outcome for their case. Those are values I cherish and aspire to uphold. I was lucky to find a place to work where developing these skills is welcomed.

My approach to legal practice transcends mere problem-solving; it revolves around forging meaningful connections with my clients. I understand that behind every legal issue lies a unique narrative, and I am dedicated to crafting personalized strategies to address your concerns effectively.

Whether you’re grappling with immigration challenges or seeking guidance on other legal matters, I am here to extend a helping hand and offer the best possible service.

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