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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Stewart Detention Center Lawyer

Stewart Detention Center Lawyer

When a family member or loved one has been detained at an immigration detention center, or if you have been detained and are facing deportation, it is essential to seek help from an Atlanta immigration attorney as soon as possible. Stewart Detention Center is among the largest immigration detention centers in the U.S., housing individuals who Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) believes need to be removed from the United States.

An experienced Stewart Detention Center lawyer can provide you with more information about Stewart Detention Center and can assist with a pending immigration case.

Learning More About Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia

Stewart Detention Center is a medium-security, privately-owned  ICE detention center that houses thousands of detainees. According to data from ICE, Stewart Detention Center regularly houses one of the highest numbers of ICE detainees, and in 2022 thus far, the facility has housed more detainees than any other ICE facility. As of December 2021, Stewart Detention Center houses an average of 1,181 individuals each day.

A majority of the ICE detainees at Stewart Detention Center have come from Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, and in some cases from other surrounding states. Given that detainees at Stewart Detention Center cannot make or receive phone calls, communicating with a detainee can be complicated, but our firm has experience representing individuals detained by ICE who are facing deportation. Since many detainees do not speak English, developing a legal strategy can be extremely difficult without assistance from an immigration lawyer.

How an Immigration Attorney Can Help

Detainees at Stewart Detention Center cannot receive incoming calls, but detainees can receive messages from parties outside the detention center. As such, you should know that it is possible to reach someone being held at Stewart Detention Center, and that it may be possible to take legal action to have the person released or to fight deportation or removal proceedings while the person is detained at the facility.

There may be defenses to removal. Stewart Detention Center has its own court, and Ms. Shirazi has won hundreds of cases at the detained court over the years. She is extremely well-versed in the intricacies of working with detained clients. She has a record of winning release and even relief from removal regularly. Please call her now to see if she can get your loved one out of detention and back home with the family. She can either handle their case in court or have them released so they can argue their case outside of the detention center in a non-detained setting.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer in Atlanta

No matter what the reason is for detainment at Stewart Detention Center, an experienced and dedicated immigration lawyer in Atlanta at our firm can evaluate your case and can discuss options with you for avoiding deportation or removal. Contact Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. today for more information about how we may be able to help you or your family with a complicated immigration case. Call now for help at 404-523-3611.

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