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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Warner Robins BIA & Federal Court Litigation Lawyer

Warner Robins BIA & Federal Court Litigation Lawyer

Even when you double-checked your forms, submitted necessary documentation, and complied with all legal requirements, there is a chance that your immigration case will not turn out as expected. Statistics indicate that the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) receives almost 38,000 appeals per year on average, and these cases mainly stem from immigration judges’ determinations on removal, deportation, and exclusion. If you thought the initial proceedings in an immigration case were challenging, the appeals process can be overwhelming.

You take a huge risk by representing yourself before the BIA or in federal court, so rely on Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. to assist with an immigration appeal. Our team has years of experience litigating cases, backed by in-depth knowledge of the laws and court procedural rules. Please contact our firm today to set up a consultation with a Warner Robins BIA & federal court litigation lawyer. It is also helpful to review some of the basics.

Options for Appealing Immigration Cases

If you received an unfavorable outcome in an immigration matter, there are additional options for getting another court to review your case.

BIA: This administrative body is headed by judges that have specific knowledge of immigration laws, as opposed to other courts that cover a broad range of legal topics. You might pursue an appeal through BIA if your case involves:

  • Orders for removal, i.e., deportation;
  • Immigration visa petitions;
  • Citizenship and naturalization denials;
  • Bond hearings, if you are detained pending an immigration case; and
  • Many other adverse decisions from immigration officials.

Federal Court: You may also have the option of seeking an appeal in federal court, and you must do so by filing a Petition for Review within 30 days after the negative decision. Some of the more common reasons for appealing include:

  • Challenging deportation or exclusion as ordered by the BIA;
  • Contesting an order from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE);
  • Appealing the denial of asylum; and
  • Disputing motions to reconsider or reopen.

Legal Help with BIA and Federal Court Litigation

At Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc., we leverage our experience with immigration cases to take on appeals and reviews. You can trust our Georgia BIA and federal court litigation attorneys to:

Thoroughly assess your case and proceedings at the lower level;

Advise you on your appellate options and which are more likely to result in a favorable outcome;

Develop a strategy based upon the type of appeal;

Prepare all necessary forms and supporting documentation; and,

Advocate on your behalf before the BIA or US federal court.

Discuss Options with a Warner Robins BIA and Federal Court Litigation Lawyer

As you can see, immigration appeals involve complicated laws and procedural rules. You put your rights and future at risk by attempting to represent yourself, especially considering the short deadlines for taking action. To learn more about your options, please contact Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. in Warner Robins, GA. You can call 404-523-3611 or visit our website to schedule a consultation with a Georgia BIA and federal court litigation attorney who will explain the laws.

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