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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Warner Robins Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer

Warner Robins Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer

Crime victims face significant challenges in getting their lives back after a horrific tragedy, but the legal obstacles and social hurdles can be almost insurmountable for immigrants. Individuals are vulnerable because of language barriers, immigration status, and lack of knowledge about US laws and protections. To address this problem, officials establish two different types of visas that confer immigration status to qualifying applicants. According to the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the approval rate is 82 percent, giving hope to many victims.

Of course, there are numerous legal requirements, eligibility rules, and complex immigration laws to contend with if you are a crime victim seeking a T or U visa. It is wise to retain experienced legal representation for assistance, so rely on our team at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. to tackle the necessary tasks. Please contact our office today to set up a consultation with a Warner Robins crime victims immigration lawyer who can advise you on details. You might also benefit from reviewing some background information.

Options for Victims of Crime

There are two visa programs dedicated to helping individuals harmed through human trafficking, domestic violence, and other violent crimes. The T and U visas for crime victims offer a pathway to a Green Card and related protections. Because many lack immigration status, these individuals might not otherwise report crimes.

A T visa may be available to individuals brought to the US through human trafficking, either through violence or abduction. You may also qualify if you came to the US voluntarily, but were then forced into prostitution, sexual exploitation, or slavery. To be granted a T visa, you must be willing to cooperate with law enforcement in bringing an offender to justice.

For a U visa, you must prove that you were subjected to substantial physical violence or mental abuse. Victims of torture, rape, or kidnapping are eligible, as are those affected by human trafficking. There is no requirement for cooperating with law enforcement.

Tips on Immigration for Crime Victims

The T and U visas are intended to protect you even if you are not lawfully present in the US, easing concerns about being deported. Plus, even if you are deemed inadmissible, you can seek a waiver of inadmissibility to become eligible. Our Georgia crime victims immigration attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. will handle necessary documentation and support you throughout the process. However, there are some To-Do’s on your list:

  • Your safety is your first priority, so take action to protect yourself and children.
  • Do not attempt to communicate with an offender.
  • Even if not required, consider working with officials to pursue criminal charges. You might prevent someone else from becoming a victim.

Set up a Consultation with a Warner Robins Crime Victims Immigration Lawyer Today

To learn more about T and U visas, please contact Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. by calling our Warner Robins, GA office at 404-523-3611 or visiting us online. You can schedule a consultation with a Georgia crime victims immigration attorney who can provide details on eligibility and the legal process.

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