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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Warner Robins Deportation Defense Lawyer

Warner Robins Deportation Defense Lawyer

With the exception of US citizens, lawful permanent residents (LPRs) and other individuals covered by immigration laws are subject to deportation for a wide range of violations. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is tasked with enforcement, and one option at officials’ disposal is removal – the term for what many people know familiarly as deportation. Statistics indicate that DHS is becoming more aggressive in its efforts to remove those that violate the law. In recent years, the number of removal actions has increased more than 10 percent.

Your situation may seem grim if you received documentation about removal, but keep in mind that there are options for relief from deportation. When you are in a vulnerable position, it is critical to retain knowledgeable legal counsel to assist with your remedies. At Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc., our attorneys have extensive experience and dedication to serving those facing removal. Please contact us to set up a consultation with a Warner Robins deportation defense lawyer who can advise you on specifics. Some background information may also be useful.

Grounds for Deportation

Officials may initiate removal proceedings for any non-citizen, LPR, or other foreign national on grounds of inadmissibility, which generally means a violation of US immigration and criminal laws. Someone could face deportation for any of the following reasons:

  • Being inadmissible at the time of entry into the US;
  • Failure to maintain status under immigration laws;
  • Marriage fraud;
  • Submitting false immigration documentation;
  • A conviction for a crime of “moral turpitude,” such as murder, violent crimes, drug offenses, human trafficking, and aggravated felonies;
  • Convictions in other criminal cases, including theft, burglary, DUI, prostitution, violation of gun control laws, child pornography, and others; and
  • Engaging in terrorism and other offenses that impact national security and US foreign policy.

Options for Relief from Removal

A Notice to Appear is issued by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to initiate deportation proceedings, and it will contain the details on reasons for removal. A hearing will be scheduled, during which the individual subject to deportation will have the opportunity to defend the allegations. However, if officials determine that you can be removed, you will have the chance to seek relief from deportation. Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. is ready to assist with such options as:

  • Cancelling deportation;
  • Adjustment of status;
  • Asylum;
  • Voluntary departure; and
  • Registry, i.e., getting a “Green card: – if you have been present since 1972.

Note that DHS does have the power to detain you during removal proceedings, but you may qualify to be released on bond in some cases. Our Georgia deportation defense attorneys can explain the factors that impact bond, such as family ties, employment, whether you own property, and your history of immigration law violations.

A Warner Robins Deportation Defense Lawyer Will Guide You

If you recently received a NTA or notice of a removal hearing, please contact Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. right away. You can call 404-523-3611 or go online to schedule a consultation at our Warner Robins, GA office. After reviewing your situation, a Georgia deportation defense attorney can explain your options.

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