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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Warner Robins Employment Based Immigration Lawyer

Warner Robins Employment Based Immigration Lawyer

There are many reasons non-citizens seek to work and live in the US, but those in pursuit of the American Dream must comply with the immigration requirements to qualify to remain legally. Almost 140,000 individuals do so every year for employment reasons according to US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) statistics, so there is hope if you meet the eligibility rules and complete the proper documents. In sum, employment based immigration represents around 13 percent of all individuals who receive lawful permanent resident status annually.

Employment based immigration offers numerous benefits to US interests, but the process is still complicated. You will be required to work with your US-based employer in advance, so having experienced legal help is critical. Our attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. are prepared to assist with documents and deal with immigration officials to obtain a favorable outcome. Please contact us to set up a consultation today. A Warner Robins employment based immigration lawyer can provide specifics, but an overview is informative.

Summary of US Employment Immigration Laws

The foundation for employment based immigration is the E visa, and there are two types:

  • The E-1 visa is issued to qualifying “treaty traders,” who are citizens of other countries that have signed a treaty of commerce and/or navigation with the US. To qualify, you must enter the US to engage in substantial trade efforts or to support operations in a business.
  • An E-2 is dedicated to “treaty investors.” These are individuals who are citizens of countries who have signed a trade agreement with the US, and who are entering to provide substantial financial support to a US business. You must be able to show that you own or will invest more than 50 percent of the enterprise.

If approved under the requirements of E-1 or E-2 visas, you will be allowed to remain legally for up to two years. Plus, spouses and children can accompany visa holders, and they may apply for work authorizations.

Steps for Employment Based Immigration

Unlike rules for other immigration applications, the process for most work-related immigration cases starts with the potential employer. The company must first obtain a certification from the US Department of Labor, and then file an Immigration Petition for Alien Worker Form I-140. If approved by officials, the individual must submit all necessary forms, evidence, and fees for the employment based visa.

Our Georgia employment based immigration attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. represent both companies and workers in obtaining approval for E visas. We are also prepared to help with the immigration and visa application process for spouses and children to accompany an E visa holder.

Consult with Our Warner Robins Employment Based Immigration Lawyers Today

This information is useful for understanding the basics about E visas, but there are many other details that impact your rights. To ensure a smooth process, please contact Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. in Warner Robins, GA. You can schedule a consultation with a Georgia employment based immigration attorney by calling 404-523-3611 or filling out an online form.

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