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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Blog > Citizenship & Naturalization > How An Attorney Can Help You Be Successful With Your U.S. Green Card Interview

How An Attorney Can Help You Be Successful With Your U.S. Green Card Interview


A Green Card comes with several benefits and is highly coveted by many who wish to come to the United States to live their American Dreams. Therefore, if you are in a position to obtain your Green Card, it is critical that you take the time to prepare for your interview.

The Green Card interview process can be overwhelming and scary. Taking the time in advance to get ready for it can ease your fears and also help you be successful. After all, your Green Card interview is just the beginning of the process and your personal journey to becoming a permanent resident within the U.S.

Working with An Attorney to Help You Prepare for your Green Card Interview

Immigration attorneys understand the process of coming to the United States, the requirements, and how to best help individuals prepare for each of the steps they will have to go through. This includes interview preparation.

If you would like to apply for your Green Card, an Atlanta green card attorney at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can help. Regarding interview preparation, the legal team at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can advise you on what to expect at your interview and how to handle the questions while supporting you the entire time.

First, before your interview, an attorney can help you identify and gather all of your documentation that you will need so that you have all necessary paperwork ready to go.

Next, on your interview day, you will be asked several personal questions, such as your education or your relationship to a U.S. citizen. Knowing how to answer and feeling confident and comfortable doing so is critical. For this reason, an attorney can help you practice with mock interviews in advance of your big day.

If you must take an English and Civics test, an attorney can also provide you with resources to study. Additionally, your attorney can provide assistance with your studies.

Your attorney can give you tips and advice on other aspects of the interview process such as what to wear.

Last, when the day arrives, if you would like to have the support of your attorney, you are permitted to have them at your interview.

When you put your due diligence and time into preparation with the help of your attorney you will improve your chances for success. However, if, for some reason your Green Card application is denied, your attorney can also look into this and determine what the issue is, as well as potentially appeal the denial.

Speak with an Atlanta Green Card Attorney Today

If you are prepared, there is no reason to be concerned or afraid of your Green Card interview.

Working with an attorney can give you the help, resources, and preparedness that you need to be ready for when the interview day arrives.

For a consultation to discuss your needs and case, please call Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. today at 404-523-3611. One of our Atlanta, GA, immigration lawyers is here for you and ready to help.



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