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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Blog > Family Immigration > What is a U Visa and Who Qualifies?

What is a U Visa and Who Qualifies?


Immigrants in the United States who have been the victims of physical or mental abuse and will cooperate and collaborate with law enforcement could secure a pathway not only to safety but also to stay and work in the United States. As a nonimmigrant visa, U visas are for individuals who want to obtain legal status in the country and who will help law enforcement locate criminals believed to be engaged in serious offenses within the country.

It can be very scary to come out of the darkness and speak to, let alone trust, law enforcement. Giving up information that can identify individuals who have harmed you is not an easy thing to do. But if you meet certain criteria and have specific information, your life can change and you can gain protections within the United States that you never had before.

Finding out about U visas, if you qualify, and how to obtain one is as simple as speaking to an Atlanta immigration attorney at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team of highly skilled and experienced immigration attorneys can assist you or someone you know with obtaining a U visa.

Who Can Get a U Visa? 

The process of getting a U visa can be complicated and nuanced. An attorney can provide you with the resources, support, and legal assistance you need to be successful. When that happens and you change your circumstances, you could change the course of your life.

Certain individuals are eligible for U visas. If the criteria below apply to you, then you may be one of these people.

  • You were the victim of sexual assault, human trafficking, sex trafficking, domestic violence, or another serious offense.
  • The crimes that victimized you caused substantial mental and/or physical pain and suffering.
  • You have information and a willingness to help law enforcement investigate the crimes against you.
  • You are admissible into the United States.

If successful, a U visa will allow you to work in the United States and stay here for as many as four years.

There are several steps that must be taken when applying for a U visa, so the sooner you start the process, the better. Since the application process can be particularly time-consuming, confusing, and complicated, having an attorney assist you will improve your chances of success.

 Speak to a Nonimmigrant Visa Attorney Today

You may never be able to completely overcome the horrors you had to endure while you were being victimized. Still, you may be able to use your past as a means to enter the country with legal status, protection, and the ability to work and earn a living. Your future can be different and bright; obtaining a U visa is the first step. With more than two decades of experience, Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can assist you in securing the immigration solutions you want and deserve.

For a consultation to discuss your needs and case, please call Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. today at 404-523-3611. One of our Atlanta, GA, immigration lawyers is here for you and ready to help.



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