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Georgia Supreme Court Rejects In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students; Student Stage Teach-Ins in Protest

  The Georgia Supreme Court this morning has ruled against Georgia undocumented students, who filed suit against the Georgia Board of Regents for access to in-state tuition. In protest, students have ...

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Report Condemns Atlanta-Area ICE Raids as Unconstitutional

  Southern Poverty Law Center and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights released a co-written report on the recent ICE raids in Atlanta, finding potential constitutional violations against Atlanta’s undocumented ...

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This Week In U.S. Immigration Politics - 1/11/16

  Politicians took the mainstage this week in various forms – the two major U.S. political parties are both holding televised debates, President Obama gave his last State of the Union ...

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Advocates Continue Protests Against ICE Raids in Georgia

Georgia political leaders met at 12pm today at Atlanta’s Immigration Court with plans to march to the Statehouse in protest of ICE raids targeting Central American undocumented families who entered the ...

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Philadelphia and BIA Create Obstacles for Federal Deportation Initiatives

  The few checks and balances in place to retain humanity within the immigration system are starting to kick in with two new developments in new Immigration initiatives to detain and ...

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