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States Unite to Sue President Obama

States Unite to Sue President Obama When Senator Barack Obama ran for President in 2008 he promised to pass an immigration reform bill on his first year in office. Unfortunately, for ...

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Can a Government Shutdown Halt Executive Action?

Can a Government Shutdown Halt Executive Action? After President Barack Obama used an Executive Order to provide relief from deportation to about 5.8 undocumented immigrants, the reaction from the opposition was ...

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The Republican Reaction to Executive Action

President Barack Obama has taken Executive Action to temporarily provide relief from deportation for about 5 million undocumented immigrants. Most of the beneficiaries include parents of American Citizens and Lawful ...

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Driving Privileges for Undocumented Immigrants

There are currently 10 states of the Union plus D.C and Puerto Rico that have enacted laws granting driving privileges for undocumented immigrants (see image). In some cases, judicial challenges ...

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Politics Of Immigration

President Barack Obama has acted alone to address the needs of reform to the American Immigration System. Whether or not people agree with this method, the legality of his actions ...

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Amna Shirazi , Esq - Atlanta Immigration Attorney

The Shirazi Law Group, Inc., is one of the pre-eminent boutique immigration law firms in the country. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we are ready and able to assist individuals across the nation with any and all immigration issues.

“Remember, remember always, that all of us…

are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”

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