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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Blog > Deportation Defense > How Criminal Charges Can Affect A Green Card Holder’s Status

How Criminal Charges Can Affect A Green Card Holder’s Status


If you are the current owner of a green card, congratulations. You have made it through a process that can be quite arduous. Though, if you had a misstep and got caught up in the criminal justice system in the United States, you could potentially jeopardize your ability to keep your green card and your residency. Having a green card does not mean you are a citizen. It only allows you to remain and reside in the country legally. But criminal charges, even when they are dismissed, may pose a significant problem for you with respect to keeping your legal status.

Criminal charges can have a significant impact on a noncitizen’s ability to stay in the country. It is important that if you would like to become a naturalized United States citizen or if you do not want to lose your current green card status, you get in touch with an attorney to discuss your situation. In Georgia, the Atlanta deportation defense attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can review your unique circumstances and explain how criminal charges could affect you and what your options are to secure the best possible outcome.

Why Would Dismissed Charges Affect Immigration Status?

Criminal charges and citizenship do not go hand-in-hand. Criminal charges can be the reason for inadmissibility to the United States. And having a green card does not mean that you are secure, you can lose your status. So if you have a green card and are arrested and convicted of a crime this is sure to have a serious impact on your ability to stay in the country. You could be removed or deported.

However, if you were arrested but your charges were dismissed you may think that this keeps you in the clear. But your arrest situation alone could be enough to keep you from becoming a citizen despite the fact that they were dismissed. If your focus is to eventually become a United States citizen but you have a criminal charge in your history, it is best to meet with an immigration lawyer near you to see what this will do to your future plans.

The United States immigration system will be up to date on your charges. This is because if you applied for a green card, your fingerprint is recorded with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Even if they were legitimately dismissed and you were told this to be true, that does not mean that immigration will see it the same way. You can expect to be asked why you were arrested in the first place. What you say here matters because your response will be used to determine if you are admissible to stay in the United States.

Speak to an Atlanta Immigration Attorney Today

Being questioned by immigration can be stressful. Working through the immigration process in the United States is not easy and should not be done without the assistance of an experienced attorney. Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. is an immigration law firm in Atlanta dedicated to helping noncitizens find their way to becoming a United States citizen by offering comprehensive immigration solutions.

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