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Temporary Protected Status Extended For Some Venezuelans In The United States


There is some good news for Venezuelans who currently reside in the United States that are under temporary protected status (TPS). The protections for this group have been extended for another 18 months. According to a news release from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), this extension will take place starting from September 10, 2022, through March 10, 2024. The news release was issued on Monday, July 11, 2022.

TPS provides foreign nationals that have an unsafe and uncertain homeland situation with the ability to stay in the United States temporarily. While this can be helpful in certain situations like political conflict which is the case with Venezuela, it is not a permanent solution to residency in the country. Though, it is one way to find a safe haven when your homeland is in chaos. For help applying for TPS, you can rely on the guidance and assistance of one of the Atlanta temporary protected status attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. While you are applying for TPS the legal team at our office will work with you to find other means to help you stay in the country on a more permanent basis.

TPS For Venezuelans in the United States

In March 2021 Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, announced that Venezuelans in the United States could stay in the country with TPS. Initially, the end date for these protections was September 9, 2022. However, with this most recent extension, Venezuelans can avoid having to be immersed back into a country in utter political and economic disarray.

The caveat is that not all Venezuelans in the United States will benefit from this TPS extension. Those Venezuelans who came to the country and were granted TPS because they lived in the country uninterruptedly from March 8, 2021, and beyond will benefit from the extensions. Venezuelans that did not come to the U.S. until after March 8, are not included in being covered by TPS.

Those that are eligible for the extension will have to re-register. Instructions will be released. This extension could affect the lives of as many as 250,000 Venezuelans throughout the country.

Even though this is welcome news for these individuals, other Venezuelans that will not be able to apply may feel quite dismayed with their circumstances and outlook. Having to go back to the turmoil that exists in Venezuela under the Socialist regime of President Nicolas Maduro is not the ideal outcome. This sentiment of disappointment is not only felt by many Venezuelans who are not the beneficiary of the TPS extension, but also by advocacy groups and certain congressional members.

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