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Ukrainian Residents In Georgia Can Apply For TPS


With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ongoing, it has created a huge exodus of refugees from the country and a great deal of uncertainty of where they will go and how best to support them. In response, the U.S. government recently announced that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) will soon be made available to Ukrainian residents living in the United States since March 1, 2022. TPS provides many benefits as well as peace of mind for those who are eligible. There is an application process but some people will be considered preliminarily eligible.

What is Temporary Protected Status (TPS)?

Temporary Protected Status applies to foreign nationals who live or hail from countries experiencing conditions that make it unsafe for them to live there or that would pose a threat to their safety or wellbeing if they were to return. TPS is different from refugee status in that refugees can come from any country, but must be approved individually, whereas TPS is open to anyone who comes from one of the designated countries. Ukraine was just added as a designated country, which will allow any Ukrainians who have been in the United States consistently from March 1 to apply for this status. TPS will allow these individuals to remain in the U.S., provide work authorization so that they can work anywhere in the country, and protect them against deportation that would send them back to Ukraine. Ukrainian students in the United States on an F-1 Visa are eligible to apply for TPS, which will give them the ability to remain in the country and work anywhere while attending school. While TPS is initially only issued for an 18-month period, it is extended until the Department of Homeland Security determines that there is no further threat in Ukraine. Some countries that are covered by TPS have had their protections extended over 20 years. Another benefit to TPS is that recipients may also be able to obtain travel authorizations to see family or travel. Many F-1 visa students are relieved to be able to obtain TPS as it will give them a greater ability to work and provide for their families who are struggling economically abroad, due to being displaced by the Russian invasion. This status also comes as a huge relief to Ukrainian residents who are currently in the United States since it means they will now be able to stay here without repercussions and without fear of being deported, regardless of their current visa status.

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