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How To Dress for Success in Your U.S. Citizenship Interview


If you are working through the complex U.S. immigration process, there is no need to complicate anything further or make any part of it much harder than it has to be. This includes paying attention to the details. Certainly, the most important part of the process is knowing what paperwork and documentation is needed for your specific circumstances and meeting all requirements and deadlines. But the way you look can also make a difference.

There are no dress requirements that you must follow when you attend your citizenship interview. That said, there is nothing you can lose by making a positive impression on your interviewers. When you show up well-groomed and in a professional manner and attire, you set the stage for your interview, and you may be able to start off on a positive note concerning the interviewer’s initial thoughts about you.

When you are ready to come to the United States for travel, school, or work, or to become a citizen and live, you need the most experienced and competent legal professionals to help you meet your objectives. The Atlanta immigration attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law Inc., have the knowledge, resources, and skills to help you through every single aspect of your immigration journey. This includes assisting you with all the intricacies of the application process, answering your questions, providing legal representation and counsel, as well as advising you on the more nuanced aspects of immigration that matter, like your appearance.

What to Wear for Your U.S. Citizenship Interview 

Dress for success, as they say, and rightfully so. When you prepare for your citizenship interview, there are a couple of pointers that can help you get yourself ready to look your best and make a good impression. These would be:

  • Make sure your hair is clean and neatly brushed or styled.
  • Dress in with business casual attire. Think khakis and a matching sweater, a knee-length skirt with a button-down shirt, cardigans, and closed-toed shoes. Do not wear anything controversial, flashy, or that exposes too much skin.
  • Make sure your clothing is without wrinkles and is tidy.
  • Be sure to take care of your hygiene, taking a shower, washing your face, brushing your teeth, cutting nails, etc.
  • Don’t overdo it on the perfume or cologne. Subtle fragrances can be nice, but please do not take a bath in a particular spray of choice.

These tips for dressing for the citizenship interview are the same as would be given and advised for a naturalization ceremony. However, during a naturalization ceremony, it could also be appropriate to don semi-formal attire. This would be a bit more than you would wear if you were going to work in an office but not as formal as you would wear to a black-tie event. So, your traditional little black dress or cocktail dress or a business suit would work out nicely.

Speak to an Immigration Attorney in Atlanta Today 

When your application for citizenship is on the line, it is always a good idea to put your best foot forward. The way you look can make a difference in the way an interviewer analyzes your case, which is why dressing appropriately is so important.

For a consultation to discuss your needs and case, please call an Atlanta, GA, immigration lawyer, Shirazi Immigration Law Inc., today at 404-523-3611.



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