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What Happens When Title 42 Expires?


If you have been listening to the news at all, immigration in the United States is one of the leading stories. Specifically, the ending of a particular law, Title 42. There are individuals across the globe that have been waiting to see what would happen when the Trump-era law finally was allowed to expire. Now the day is here, and Title 42 is no longer. But what exactly does that mean?

Foreign nationals that are interested in coming to the United States and have experience with the U.S. immigration system understand that it can be confusing and even challenging. It can also be time-intensive and expensive. Additionally, laws and regulations can change quickly, which can alter the path an immigrant takes to gain entry into the country.

Suppose you have questions about the U.S. immigration system or want to know what is the best way to come to America to work and live. In that case, the Georgia immigration attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law Inc. welcome you to come in and discuss your goals and specific situation.

What Happens Next with the End of Title 42 

First, a little background on Title 42. During the Trump administration, the world experienced and had to endure the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many countries were stopping travel within their borders and also the ability for outsiders to enter. Title 42 was a law meant to halt people from coming to the U.S. to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases, specifically COVID-19. Title 42 gave border authorities the ability to quickly apprehend individuals crossing the border and either send them back to Mexico or to their home country.

Three years after the pandemic hit, the public health emergency has been deemed over. As a result, the need for Title 42 has become unnecessary. Individuals making the trek to come to the United States excitedly anticipated the end of the law so that they could better enter into the country.

As a result of the expected surge of migrants, new rules were enacted at the last hour to handle the situation. Some include having to apply online for entry or being required to have attempted to seek asylum in a former country that was passed through when a migrant made their journey. Failure to take these actions will bar migrants from getting into the U.S.

Also, individuals that try to get into the country illegally and are caught will be deported and be unable to come back to the U.S. for a period of five years. If an individual that has this restriction still tries to come to the country before this time period ends, they will be criminally prosecuted.

There were 1,500 troops deployed to the border in response to the end of Title 42 to help border officials manage their duties.

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