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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > Blog > Family Immigration > 5 Different Types Of Immediate Relative (IR) Visas

5 Different Types Of Immediate Relative (IR) Visas


If you are a United States citizen and would like to have one of your immediate relatives come from another country to live with you, you could be wondering what type of visa will apply. It may be possible for your family member to obtain an immediate relative visa. There are five different types of what are called “IR” visas and which one is right for your relative will be related to what the relationship is between you and your loved one.

For many other types of visas, the United States applies limits to how many they will issue annually. But not with the IR visa. Still, as with most immigration matters, obtaining an IR visa can be a complicated task. For this reason, working with an attorney that knows the United States immigration system and how to navigate it successfully puts you and your loved ones in the best position to obtain your desired outcome.

In Georgia, the Atlanta family immigration attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to individuals wishing to come and live in the United States. If you would like customized immigration solutions for your unique situation, an attorney at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can help.

The Different Types of IR Visas

There are five different types of IR visas. These include:

IR 1

When United States citizens are married to a foreign person their spouse can use the IR 1 visa as a means to come to the country. Once obtained, this visa allows a foreign spouse to start the process of filing for permanent residency.

IR 2

Minor children of United States citizens can come to the country if they obtain an IR 2 visa. Children must not be married and be under the age of 21 to qualify for this visa. Filing for permanent residence can begin soon after the visa is obtained.

IR 3

United States citizens that would like to adopt internationally may use the IR 3 visa. When parents are going through the process of international adoption, they may travel to meet the prospective child and then legally adopt the child in the child’s home country. Legal adoption must occur before they can be eligible for this visa.

IR 4

The IR 4 visa is also for international adoption where the actual, formal adoption process must take place in the United States. This would happen if the adoptive parent or parents have not met and observed the child before they adopted them or if the country of the child’s origin will not allow full legal adoptions.

IR 5

United States citizens who have foreign parents who are at least 21 years of age may use an IR 5 visa to enter the country. This visa allows the parent to obtain work in the United States.

Speak to a Georgia Immigration Attorney Today

Using one of the IR visas may be appropriate for your situation and to help you get your beloved family member over to the United States to live. For more information on IR visas or other immigration solutions, please call the Georgia immigration attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. for a consultation at 404-523-3611.



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