Advantages of Family Based Immigration

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Family based immigration in the United States, since the enactment of the 1965 Immigration
and Nationality Act, has been based primarily on family ties and work skills of
immigrants. Under the existing provisions of immigration law, the family-based
immigration category permits U.S. Citizens and lawful permanent residents, or
green card holders, to bring certain family members to the United States. Family
based immigrants are admitted either as immediate relatives of U.S. Citizens or
through the family preference system. Currently, there are 480,000 family-based
visas available each year.

Family–based immigrants are essential to local communities and the U.S. economy
as a whole. Amongst many factors, family-based immigrants contribute in large
to the current and future labor force; they make up for a significant portion
of economic growth, and through community improvement they aid in social

According to the Immigration Policy Center, family ties facilitate the formation
of immigrant communities, which in turn creates a thriving environment for the
development of businesses. It is a well-known fact that foreign-born entrepreneurs
have created many of the most outstanding high technology firms. In the area of
Silicon Valley, know as the homeland for high-tech technology, immigrants, many
of whom came to the U.S. on family-based visas, started more than half of the new

Cities that recognize the importance and the value those immigrant families have
in the improvement of rundown communities, have created programs designed to
attract immigrants and promote their economic potential.

As it relates to the socio-economic ladder, the Immigration Policy Center has
stated that, “New immigrants—the majority of whom enter the United States on
family visas—have become the most upwardly mobile of American workers. This is
explained by their high rates of post-immigration human capital investment. This
benefits not only immigrants, but also the economy at large.”

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