African Migrants Surge Southern Border

Credit: beingbonny

The southern border of the United States is beginning to see an influx of migrants seeking asylum from varying African countries. While the media and politicos have focused on the surging number of Central American migrants arriving at the southern border, many have failed to note that an increasing percentage of those numbers are composed of migrants coming from African nations; in the span of a week, border patrol agents apprehended more than 500 African families, mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, and Angola. Migrants are coming to the US border seeking asylum to escape a precarious situation in Africa. Many are citing the consistent, and often violent, political upheaval which has plagued African nations for much of the 20th century. When making the decision to come to the US, African migrants often weigh the economics of the decision. Currently, Europe is very unopen to accepting more asylum-seekers. Additionally, crossing the Meditteranean Sea if very treacherous and some never make it across; some migrants never even make it to the Meditteranean Sea, being stranded in North African refugee camps, which some say even mirror slavish conditions. When weighing their choices, many decide the economic risks are worth the costs to travel to South America and travel north to the southern US border. Once they arrive at the border, families are sent to various US cities, including Portland, Maine, where are set up in temporary housing while the city helps them establish their footing. Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling has described his city’s welcoming arms to the migrants, pledging to do whatever the city can to help them be able to set roots and begin to contribute to the local economy. With the surge of African migrants joining the Central American migrants at the southern border, the administration continues to be eager to stifle the influx of immigrants entering the country.