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Atlanta Immigration Lawyer > BYDcash Immigration Loans

BYDcash Immigration Loans

The first of its kind immigration finance company, BYDcash provides immigration loans to help you quickly and affordably pay for the professional legal services you need, so you can get started on your case right away. BYDcash loans also cover the cost of your government filing fees, so your case can be filed as soon as you and your attorney are ready.

Whether you’re already in this country or waiting to come to the US, BYDcash offers loans of up to $15,000, with a co-signer based in the US. And you choose your payment terms.

Pick Your Payment

Choose the payment terms that work for you – up to 60 months. Choose longer terms for a lower monthly payment, or shorter terms for a lower total cost. You may also choose longer terms to get the lowest monthly payment, then pay down the loan faster when you have additional income to reduce your overall cost without prepayment penalties.

BYDcash also allows you to choose the day of the month you want to make your payments, so you can ensure you have funds available in your bank account. This allows us to help you establish and build a positive credit profile.

Testimonial Videos

To apply, visit BYDcash.com/preapprove

When you apply online a bilingual BYDcash Relationship Manager will reach out to you to help through the process.

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