Federal Immigration Judge Orders The Return of a Deported Mother and Daughter

theodore mckee

U.S. Court of Appeals federal judge Theodore A. McKee recently ordered the return of a Guatemalan deported mother and her daughter after being removed. The judge mentioned that the court was misled. Apparently Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) did not inform the court that it was moving to deport Ana, the mother, and her daughter. Otherwise, the judge said he would have granted to block the deportation if he knew it was about to happen.

Usually ICE does not inform the family of the deportees nor their attorneys when they are about to pick someone up for deportation.

Ana and her daughter were detained since last summer in a Pennsylvania family detention center.

According to their attorney, their removal was very stressful. The mother once arriving in Guatemala unescorted, had to find a way to get to her other children, who live in a very mountainous area, and a great distance away from the city.

Ana’s attorney is optimistic that from her discussions with U.S. authorities, Ana and her daughter will return safely back to the states.

Thousands of people have fled from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras from the violence and poverty of these countries. The wave of people arriving from Central America included many mothers and children last summer.