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How Crimmigation Lawyers Help Non-Citizens


Non-US citizens have a lot to think about with respect to their actions while in the United States. If the ultimate goal is to stay permanently, these individuals have a very high bar to meet to remain in good standing in the country. This means that any action which could potentially be unlawful must be avoided because not only can it come with harsh punishments and expensive fines, but most of all, it could negatively impact their immigration status.

If you are a non-citizen that was arrested for an alleged crime it is imperative that you have the right lawyer on your side to help you through your situation. A lawyer who only works within the criminal legal system may not be the best for your circumstances. Instead, you need to address your situation with a legal professional that understands both the criminal justice system and the immigration system because the outcome of your criminal case can affect your ability to stay within the United States. In Georgia, the Atlanta family immigration attorneys at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. understand the complex intermingling of criminal and immigration law and can help you overcome your precarious position.

The Important Role of Crimmigration Lawyers

When you work with a legal professional that has in-depth knowledge of how criminal law and immigration law intersect and impact a non-citizen, you are best positioned to obtain the most advantageous outcome possible for your case. Essentially, you will want to have a lawyer who will be able to look to the future and see what the best scenario for you to handle criminal charges will be while also ensuring your status in the country is not jeopardized. Your lawyer will be on your side working to get your charges reduced or even dismissed and minimizing the impact an arrest has on your record.

When an arrest of a non-citizen happens, it is not just the criminal justice system that will play a part in the repercussions that result. The United States Department of Homeland Security is also going to be reviewing the charges. If they deem your charges and your actions to violate public safety you could be at risk of deportation. Because at the end of the day, when you have been arrested for an alleged crime you want to be able to overcome those criminal charges. However, you do not want to do so at the risk of losing your status to stay in the United States.

A crimmigration lawyer will be able to look at your situation and see where it makes sense to secure the best outcome for your criminal situation while also keeping a keen eye on protecting your immigration status.

Speak to an Atlanta Immigration Lawyer Today

If you are a non-citizen and you have been arrested you are likely feeling quite distressed and maybe unsure about how your arrest will affect your ability to live lawfully in the United States. Speaking with an Atlanta deportation defense lawyer at Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. can put your mind at ease by developing a strategy best suited to meet your unique needs. For assistance with your immigration case, call Shirazi Immigration Law, Inc. at 404-523-3611.



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