Immigrants take Measures In New Political Climate

(ESPAÑOL) Immigrants everywhere take measures to deal with the new political climate. Although the new immigration policies have not come into full force and the ICE raids are still little more than routine, everyone fears the worst for the future.

As stated last week, Trump’s new immigration orders expand the focus of undocumented immigrants prioritized for deportation from the narrow of “violent criminals” to practically any undocumented immigrant with a criminal conviction or who has concealed their status.

The climate is one of general fear, but also some proactive moves have been made to prepare. A formerly undocumented developer named Celso Mireles is building an app to crowdsource information about immigration raids and provide alerts to help undocumented immigrants avoid them. The app is currently being refined to avoid false reports and once a raid is verified, the system would send alerts via text message to users in a 10 to 20 mile radius.

On the other hand, undocumented immigrants have been avoiding many necessary services due to the fear of raids. Although the recent ICE raids have not been much different from those under Obama’s administration, the timing has unnerved many people who would have otherwise lived cautiously rather than paranoidly.

Although medical centers have traditionally been considered “sensitive locations,” where federal agents usually would not enter. Alex Armstrong, the CEO of Alliance Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California, expresses fear that ICE would raid his facility. He also said that twice as many patients as normal have cancelled their appointment last week, with some expressing fears towards immigration officials.

Meanwhile, the farmers hurry up their harvests in the fields in expectation that their work might be cut short soon. Farmworkers have also been considering staying put instead of moving state lines to new picking fields, crippling both their own work and that expected by the farm owners.