Report Condemns Atlanta-Area ICE Raids as Unconstitutional


Southern Poverty Law Center and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights released a co-written report on the recent ICE raids in Atlanta, finding potential constitutional violations against Atlanta’s undocumented communities.

The report finds fault in the following areas:

  • Many of the raids appear to have been conducted without warrants, which are required regardless of a person’s citizenship status
  • ICE agents have entered homes without lawful entry or voluntary consent
  • ICE agents denied detainees access to lawyers
  • Detainees were instructed to sign deportation orders that they did not understand
  • ICE agents instructed families that they had no further legal options, when they had not exhausted all legal options.
  • Many detainees had complied with orders of supervision
  • Because Atlanta has one of the weakest due process protections for immigrants, focusing raids in this area has the greatest propensity to deny legal protections to those being detained
  • ICE has refused to release children from detention centers to a parent, a violation of the Flores v. Johnson

The report authors write:

“Rather than fulfill its commitment to protect and provide refuge to families fleeing violence and persecution in these countries, the Obama administration has taken the same fatally flawed approach to law enforcement that has led to our nation’s mass incarceration crisis. Under President Obama, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has pursued needlessly aggressive – and potentially unconstitutional – law enforcement action against vulnerable immigrants. The result has been the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children, including the families swept up in these raids, over the last eight years”

The full report can be found here: